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Maintain The Value Of Your Car

Maintain the value of your car

Maintain the value of your car

Your car is an investment which can either maintain its value or depreciate – and cars have the potential to depreciate value quickly if they’re not looked after. Here are some tips for maintaining the value of your car!

1. Get regular services

You might think everything is working perfectly fine, but mechanical issues with your car tend to be progressive. Small issues left unattended can become a real problem, costing you money and depreciating the value of your car. Bring your car in to a trusted mechanic for regular maintenance services. It will make your car run smoother and more quietly, too, which is something that potential buyers will notice!

2. Don’t smoke in your car

Cigarette smoke can make your car smell like an ashtray, which can turn off someone interested in buying your car later, cutting into your potential market. The tar in the smoke can also dull and stain surfaces, which will cut into the resale value of your car.


3. Protect vinyl surfaces

Damage to vinyl surfaces inside your car can give the impression that the car is not well-maintained. Prevent dulling and cracking by using a vinyl protector on all vinyl surfaces inside your car. It’s an easy way to keep your car looking and feeling like new!

4. Drive safe and easy

Taking speed bumps and corners too quickly, slamming on the brakes, rapid acceleration, and other hard-driving habits can increase the wear and tear on your car over the years, and can cost you a lot in maintenance even before you sell it. The added bonus is that easy driving increases your gas mileage!

5. Consolidate trips to drive less

We all know that high mileage on a car will reduce its resale value. But of course you need to drive your car, so how do you reduce mileage? Start building habits that do just that. Consolidate trips by running errands on one trip, instead of several trips. Choose a couple days a month to go completely carless – walk, or ride a bike!

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