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Car Buyers Guide

Car Buyers Guide

Car Buyers Guide

Navigating the intricate process of buying a new car can be daunting, given its complexity and the many variables to consider. To aid your journey towards buying a car, we have updated our car buyers guide, outlining key factors you should evaluate before taking the leap.

Financing and Cost:

Financing your new car is a critical first step. Though it might be tempting to browse online or hit the dealership for test drives right away, it’s essential to establish your budget first. Defining how much you can afford to spend, your repayment ability, and your financing options will streamline the process and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line. For example, falling in love with a car only to find out it’s beyond your budget is a disappointing experience.

Before deciding on a car, you should also discuss trading in your current vehicle with your dealer and calculate the potential reduction in cost. This strategy will give you a better sense of your financial parameters at the start of your car buying journey.


Vehicle Specification and Intended Use:

Understanding your car’s intended use significantly impacts the type of vehicle you choose. Are you frequently on motorways? Do you drive long distances for work? Are your trips typically short city commutes? Answering these questions will guide you in determining the specifications of your future car.

For those regularly driving at high speeds or long distances, a vehicle with a larger engine and higher brake horsepower might be more suitable. If you’re mainly traversing urban areas with a low annual mileage, a smaller, more economical car may be better suited for those stop-and-go city traffic conditions.

Moreover, if you anticipate using your car for commercial purposes, consider options that can handle work equipment without damaging the interior.

To make the process less overwhelming, you can take advantage of platforms like Cars Ireland. This website allows you to comfortably browse various options from home and refine your search according to make, model, year, engine size, body type, price, and location, among others. It can provide you a preliminary idea of what you want and serve as a checklist for your dealer meetings.

Car Buyer guide


Manufacturer, Repairs, and Reviews:

Once you’ve set your budget and defined your usage needs, it’s time to research. Make use of the internet to delve into reviews of your potential car model, read current owners’ thoughts, and evaluate the car’s overall reputation. Reviews can alert you to potential maintenance costs and common problems, allowing you to make an informed decision and possibly avoid future headaches.

Services like Cartell, Ireland’s top motor history check service, can also be invaluable. By entering a vehicle’s registration number, you can access its full history in seconds, providing an additional layer of security before deciding on a car.

Tips from the Pros:

When viewing a potential car, consider the weather conditions as rain can often obscure marks and stone chippings on the bodywork. Minor chippings are common in 3-4-year-old cars, which should not necessarily be a deal-breaker, but do take the time to inspect the bodywork.

Also, inspect the boot for dampness, a commonly overlooked issue resulting from faulty boot welds. Check the interior as well; signs of wear on the steering wheel and gear stick can give you an insight into the car’s previous usage.

Ultimately, we all have unique needs and preferences when buying a new car. Whether you’re considering family needs, work requirements, or pet-friendly options, your satisfaction is paramount. Here at Vendor Finance, we hope our updated guide assists you in making a well-informed choice, and we wish you many years of happy motoring!

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