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Equipment Financing

Vendor Finance can source funding for an extensive range of assets within this wide-ranging sector. The assets within this sector are quite specialised, so Vendor Finance will generally need to discuss your requirements in more detail to obtain the most suitable finance package. There are specialist lenders within this market whose principal focus is lending for this equipment.

A wide range of assets can be financed;  fit-outs of bars, restaurants and hotels to CNC machines, IT equipment and big-ticket industrial devices. Vendor Finance can arrange finance from terms of 1 year to 7 years depending on the asset from a minimum borrowing of €5,000.

We can provide equipment funding for a range of purposes/industries including Industrial, Woodworking, Offices, Printing, Computing, Photocopying, Catering, Manufacturing, Injection Moulding, Marine, Foresty, Communications and Many More. 

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