Refinance Using Your Assets.

An opportunity to release the monetary value embedded in business assets by borrowing against their current value. Ideal for business owner/s who are “asset rich and cash poor” and would like to unlock capital and reinvest in their business or elsewhere. Vendor Finance find the best deal and provide a loan decision within 48 hours from our lending partners to our customers.

Refinance Loan Qualification.

Initial refinance qualification is under three headings, i.e., the legal structure of the business, category of industry and type of asset.

  • Qualifying Businesses; asset refinancing is available to Sole Traders, S.M.E.’s and Limited Companies.
  • Qualifying Industry Category; available to all categories of industries who own qualifying assets.
  • Qualifying Assets; an asset is any tangible, high value item ranging from vehicles, inventory to machinery and equipment.

User Friendly Loan Guidelines

  • Ratio of Asset Loan to Value; ratio is normally 70% to 30%.
  • Loan Repayments; can be set up monthly or on a seasonal basis.
  • Interest Rates; these are fixed at the start of the loan and remain the same throughout the term of the loan.

Loan Flexibility.

The use of funds secured by refinancing of an asset is at the discretion of the business owners/s. There are no rules or limitations as to its use.
When qualifying assets are available, all financial histories can be considered.

Like to Know More.

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