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Upgrading To A People Carrier

Upgrading to a People Carrier

Upgrading to a People Carrier

It’s time to upgrade your sporty hatchback, maybe your family is expanding, maybe you need to consider corporate travel. Whatever the reason, a People Carrier can be ideal to transport your family, dog or large amounts of shopping.


When choosing which People Carrier or MPV (Multi Person Vehicle)to buy, there are several questions to consider. Which MPV has the largest boot and which has fold flat seats?
Given that the main reason for choosing such a vehicle is to carry your family you may want to consider comparing it to an SUV with 3 Isofix points, ideal for those child seats.

The popular models

Some of the most popular models include Citroen Grand C4 SpacetourerSeat Alhambrawhile the Ford S-Max & C-Max are always up there.
The seven-seat version may be out of your price range so a five-seat people carrier might be exactly what you need. Do you need three individual seats for Isofixs or the long bench type which would suit corporate travel more so?

Extra extras

Higher spec MPVs can include extra USB points, which can keep kids quiet on long journeys, if they are using devices. You may not even need additional rear view mirrors that point at the rear seat if they are occupied with a film. My favourite extra is front and rear parking sensors ideal for avoiding bumping into obstacles at the retail park.

If you’re looking into financing a people carrier please contact us at Vendor Finance, we can help with your application.

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