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What Does Your Car Say About You?

What does your car say about you?

What does your car say about you?

Cars have long been a status symbol and, rightly or wrongly, they create a much bigger first impression than the type of shoes you wear or your brand of suit.   Perhaps you doubt this and have more faith in the fickle and material nature of the average human being? Try rocking up to a business meeting on a two speed bicycle, a ten year old Ford Fiesta or a 7 series BMW. Take a quick minute to assess the difference in treatment based on your mode of transport.  Even if you open the meeting with anecdotes about Mark Gorton, famous New York Hedge fund millionaire, who cycles everywhere, I guarantee that the bike will not be rated at all. Your perceived status will still be highest when driving that Fiesta!  Yeah, I meant to say the BMW.  But, I just proved the point.

So what does your car say about you?

Obviously, if you are driving a people carrier with the ubiquitous ‘Baby on Board’ sign, you are the family type. A sturdy, economical and not ostentatious car.  Caution is needed for other motorists as this driver is usually late for school or for collecting someone. They are also prone to being distracted by flying Lego and projectile vomit inside the car. It’s a little known fact that a ‘Baby on Board’ sign is not a note for other drivers to take care for the children , but a warning sign that there is mayhem sitting in child seats,  ready to cause havoc.

Drivers of small cars such as Polo’s and Corsa’s clearly display that the need to park easily and to economically get from one place to another with minimum of fuss is paramount when driving. The make of the car is reliable. Mid price. Not too fancy.  The driver is reliable, middle aged and not too fancy.  Of course, if the motorist has added a racy pink stripe, fluffy dice or a windscreen shelf loaded with soft toys and cuddly cushions, then we are looking at a completely different message.

Status seekers drive high range Audi’s, Beemers, Volvos and Lotus. (Yes, Lotus! Even if they have to put up with the classic Lots of Trouble Usually Serious maxim).  High achievers need to spend a lot of time on their cars. Valeting, waxing, admiring, polishing and generally showing off. The car is much more than a way to get from A to B, it is the A to Z of the driver’s personality, career path and lifestyle.  Some say it is an extension of or a replacement for the owner ego, but we would not be so crass.  Heated leather seats, state of the art music systems and ambient lighting are the reward of the profit drive work alcoholics who enjoy their independence and luxury.

Adventure seekers drive sports cars or souped up versions of saloon cars.  Even if they never touch a tyre on the Nas Car track, the sporty driver makes more noise, more lights and snappier nippy driving than any other road user.   It is fair to say that the sporty boy/girl racer is generally young, although there are a number of sporty drivers who are going through a particularly embarrassing mid-life crisis.

The colour of your car also tells a lot about you. Yes, it is not enough to generalise about engine size and cost of the auto, the colour is now revealing more about you.

Black: aggressive personality, rebel
Silver: cool, calm, may be a loner
Green: warm hearted.
Yellow: idealistic
Blue: introspective, reflective, and cautious
Red: Energized
White: status seekers, popular and friendly
Cream: controlled, contained and calm

All generalisation aside, whatever colour or make of car you choose to purchase, we at Vendor Finance can assist you to get the right finance and ensure that you continue to drive, safely, comfortably and in the car you love.

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