About Us

About Us

At Vendor Finance, building relationships is a two-way street. We like to understand how our services and products fit our client’s needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your car or grow your business with that essential business asset, Vendor Finance is your answer. We want our clients to know how working with us adds value to their day to day activities. This strong focus on relationship building is a major business strength and one of our key assets.

Our Experience

Our team has over fifty years of recent experience in the commercial finance sector. They were recruited with unique generalist and specialist individual skills to share with other team members as we grew our business. This has worked exceptionally well as evidenced by how we have built tremendous human capital across the team in an “on the job learning” environment.

Building Relationships.

We listen to companies describe what they need in detail before we go looking for a solution. We see companies progress from start-up to business expansion and then have more complex financial needs. We are always in learning mode looking to deliver added value in our product solutions. We see three key relationship factors, all of which are interdependent and connected. Our team of commercial finance experts bring specialist skills to client meetings. They then interact with our finance agencies to find the right product at the right price, at the right time.

Our History.

We are five years in business and from day one to date, we have enjoyed outstanding success. Our business grows every year. We are on track to becoming the leading online financial broker in Ireland. We provide service and products nationwide. Wherever there is a commercial finance business or a consumer looking at a new car need to be met we are more than happy to engage and help in any way we can.

The Future.

I am incredibly proud of the progress Vendor Finance has made in a relatively short space of time. We look forward to the future with confidence. Our mission is to build outstanding relations with our customers and finance agencies in a spirit of partnership and teamwork. Thank you for your support.

Signed. Hugh Arnold. Managing Director.